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Sep 8 2020

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Bbb credit one

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Bbb credit one


Credit One Bank

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own.

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2479 Credit One Bank Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Credit One cards are a rip off. I pay so much on them monthly but still my credit limit isn’t going up?? Where is my money going. It seems the money I pay is going somewhere else. I’m not happy with their cards at all.

Unsafe and data issues with no authentication and compliance failure. Maybe not regulated in the Philippines. Be cautious and do not call the number on the back of the card. I have my phone call recorded and it is unsafe to operate with this company. I have had a card for a year and never had a problem paying or accessing my online account. Until I had made a payment that wasn’t even due for 5.00 and on the same day my bank notified me of fraud and stopped my debit card to protect my information. I called and let the Credit One rep. know of situation and they said, “No problem. Thanks for calling.”

I got my card a week later for my bank to pay and come to find out my account has been closed and no one will give me access to a bill or send me a bill to verify amount. They want me to wire them money or give them my information over the phone. The rep mentioned that they would provide me with a confirmation number but I cannot confirm the location of where it is sent to due to no access online or a phone number in the U.S. to call and speak to someone who can verify a employee number or a phone line that is secured.

This is horrible and very concerning not only for me but maybe the people who have had their personal information leaked out. We have to mandate and get compliance on board in order to abide by federal regulations. Who can I speak to about this matter? I can’t verify amount owed nor will they send me anything unless I pay them over the phone or Western Union them. My credit is in the hands of the unknown. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Have had the card for a couple of years with very little use of the card on my end. The only card I have that charges a monthly fee. When their mobile app changed I could not log on to pay these fees. They did not mail bill either. They do not send invoices but turn you in to credit burrow. There was NOT any charges on this card for over 1 yr on my end. Don’t get caught up with this outfit. This institution is a scam.

Credit One Bank defrauds its customers. Credit One Bank defrauds its customers more than any company I have ever come in contact with. Not only do they misappropriate your payments to accounts not currently open in your name, but they allow fraudulent charges to your account with no help to remove them. They charge you interest on top of those fraudulent charges, and even block access to your account. When you write to file a complaint, you are forced to do it on their social media sites, since they do not respond to any email correspondence. When you voice your opinion online, they block your comments. Their reviews speak for themselves.

This company cannot be trusted. Their CEO Robert DeJong should step down, or else there will be lawsuits coming his way for all the customers they prey on. Currently I have a $2500 payment that they have not credited to my account, yet they drafted from my bank account immediately. My card is blocked and I have no access to view it, and they have not resolved nearly $400 in fraudulent charges from 4 months ago. This is a BAD company to do business with.

I’ve had a credit card with Credit One for about 2 years now. I’ve only been late with a payment one time. They called me for several days all day long!! Then they charged me a late fee after the fact they had received my payment exactly on my due date. They gave me the excuse that I was charged a late fee because of the time my payment was received. Entrance rates are high and they charge you 8.95 each month. I cannot wait to pay off this card and never use it again!!

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I applied for this card about 2 years ago just to up my credit score. Up until December 2018 I had no problems with this card and was even given a few credit line increases. But alas, in Dec of 2018 my card was compromised . A bunch of online unauthorized purchases occurred, I contacted their credit card fraud dept and was told that they would investigate the fraudulent charges and in 90 days a decision would be made and I would not be held liable. 115 days later they closed the case and are holding me accountable for these fraudulent charges. I was told I needed to file an official police report and they would send me the transactions from Dec 2018 to present. They did send me transactions but only for the month of March 2019.

They also sent me another person’s fraud claim stating that they too would be held liable for fraudulent purchases. They are a very disorganized and a dishonest company and to me it appears they will always side with the big companies rather than the customer. So if you decide to be part of their consumers, I highly recommend DO NOT do it. It is not worth the monthly fee and if your account is compromised they will not side with you but rather the company that claims you did make the purchases regardless of facts.

I have received literally up to 30 calls per day from various phone numbers associated with Credit One Bank starting as early as 8 am. I have spoken with representatives regarding the calls and they are still calling continuously. I have NEVER been harassed by a company before in my life until now. Now due to the harassing calls I’m considering closing my account with this company.

I was really in the negative comments on this site about Credit One, but I have to say I have never had any issues with that and I’ve been with them for about two years. People have to realize they are a small company and although I don’t necessarily agree with some of their fees they have to charge these fees for the company to grow they are not some huge company like Capital One or Chase. One thing people need to realize is they give credit cards to people with bad credit like myself. After my divorce my credit was ruined and nobody would give me a credit card except Credit One.

My only issue is every time I have called customer service it is someone with a heavy accent that I have a hard time understanding but they’ve always been able to handle my problem. They raise my credit limit out once and did not charge me for the increase. It’s only $450 but I came into this card with really really bad credit. Yes they are expensive yes they charge high interest but all this is explained in their terms and conditions. I love how people accept these terms then start blasting the company or year later like it’s the company‘s fault if you don’t like the term’s donuts up the card if you didn’t read the terms that’s your own fault. I’m happy with Credit One.

Applied for the card on 3/19/2019, as of 4/9/2019, I still have NOT received the card. Spoke with over 10 representatives that assured the card was sent or that they rectified the problem. My terms and conditions state that I should expect a $39 annual fee for the card, which today I was told is actually $70. It’s really disheartening how corporations such as this lack of integrity in the way they handle business, particularly with those building or rebuilding credit. It’s becoming more common that these enterprises are exploiting those who are trying to get things right or back on track, for their corporate gain, and unfortunately, the government is in support, as they are LEGALLY allowed to include clauses that waive your right to arbitration. The FBI should be investigating companies like THIS, on a regular basis.

They have a similar logo to Capital One and that’s the company I thought I originally applied with. That stupidity is on me. I requested and confirmed the closing of this account on March 25th. I received email that account is closed on March 26th. On April 7th I get an email from this company that they made 2 small deposits into my bank account and I need to contact my bank then verify it with Credit One. This is why I closed my account. I told them they can’t access my account when I did not request automatic payment option. So now I have to close my bank account and get a new number because of these idiots. I’m reporting them to my states Attorney General office but they probably will not do anything, but they should.

They are a predator lender. The day I closed my account, Me speaking, “I need to pay off my balance in full today and close my account.” Customer Service Rep, “Okay, how much would you like to pay towards your balance today?” Me, “Are you kidding me, did you not hear what I just said?” Rep, “Okay. I will process it and give you confirmation number of closing authorization, also if you receive a statement with a balance after you pay off your account, ignore it.” I can’t make this up people. This is what I walked into. They never will leave you alone. They are like the bank of the undead. Can they legally access a bank account without authorization after you legally paid balance and full and legally closed account? Have you ever heard of a credit card company putting small deposits into your bank account? It’s crazy and I hope the feds shut these criminals down.

I have had 2 of the cards for around 3 years, paid my balance every month, never carried over a balance. Only twice have I had credit line increased and they charge you 24.99 to up your credit line app $250.00. I finally got tired of paying the monthly annual fee on 2 cards that I never use anyway and it took me an hour and 4 transfers before I actually was able to close both the cards. They do not take no for an answer, they will transfer you around, make you wait app 15 mins each time and I guess they hope you will just hang up. This company is nothing more than a scam, the owners should be in prison. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE.

Credit One Bank is an awful credit card, annual fee billed monthly, customer service is horrible, numerous calls (and no my payments weren’t late) and they actually give you a hard time when you want to pay your card off, and don’t even think about making more than one payment a month, they will freeze your payment and make you verify your account all over again just so they can get the extra finance charges. Stay away!!

The balance that showed on my online account was over $300 below my limit, but my card was getting declined due to insufficient funds. When I logged in, it said my recent payment had posted the day before, but my available credit was still only $19. When I talked to the person on the phone she insisted on reading off every charge to me, as if I was going to add it all up in my head, and continued to insist that my payment hadn’t posted. Then she said that even though it had posted, I still wasn’t going to have it actually available until three days later.

I asked if the website had some different notation for the payment for when it ACTUALLY was cleared, since “posted” apparently doesn’t mean it’s been posted, and I didn’t get a good answer. I canceled my card because there is absolutely no use to it if the online account doesn’t accurately reflect the amounts. And why are they holding my money for 4 extra days, anyway. No reason things can’t be instant, without having to pay an extra fee.

I’ve been paying my card down and the interest rate is so high that even though I am paying more than the minimum amount it doesn’t make a dent. Every question you ask about some type of help “I’m sorry we can’t, I’m sorry we can’t.” Oh and “I understand but there’s no other options or ways to help you.” I regret the day I filled out the application.

When I started to rebuild my credit, Credit One was the third card I applied and was approved for. They started me with a decent credit limit – for someone with very limited credit – of $500. After being with them a little over a year now, no missed or late payments, keeping a fairly high utilization rate, paying more than the minimum each month, and then paying it completely off with my taxes in one chunk and then leaving it be for the last month – I signed in today just to check on things, I was surprised to see 2 more offers than normal. Curious, I checked to see what they were and one was for a credit limit increase (which was approved immediately for another $200, raising my limit to $700) and the other was a pre-approved offer for a MasterCard because of my “good behaviour”.

I was a little unsure at first, knowing it would be a hard pull (which actually hasn’t shown up yet, but we’re still less than 24 hours in) and I’ve worked really hard to get my credit to where it is now (started this credit repair journey around 550 or so and am now at 702 with 14 mixed accounts) I decided to take a chance and submitted my application. Within 30 seconds I was congratulated and approved for an $800 MasterCard! That’s up a $1000, for a total of $1500 between both cards! (On a side note – I also got approved for a Discover It card with a $2500 limit – my biggest yet – just prior to this for a total of $4000 in less than 24 hours!) Overall I’m very satisfied with Credit One, and very grateful they took a chance on me when not many others would. So, Thank You Credit One! And to everyone else -YES, I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS CARD – if you’re serious about rebuilding your credit responsibly, Credit One can help you achieve that goal! 🙂

I have had this card for almost two years, no issues. I made a payment using their express payment using MY debit card that is in MY name to pay MY credit card bill that is also in MY name. They have now suspended my credit card because if the payment, marked it as fraud, and now I can’t log in online or use my card. I have spoken with 3 representatives, two supervisors who told me they would “monitor” my account, and finally a “Manager” who said the same thing.

I faxed over my bank letterhead, proving the debit card I paid with is mine. Credit One told me it would take 3 days for them to sort through the faxes and find mine. Three days later, I called. They ask me to send it again. I have still not heard back and am told that it will take up to three weeks after they receive my fax to get in touch with my bank and verify my account.

I got this card to help rebuild my credit. I would only use it for small purchases mostly and pay it off every month. In April I was getting BOMBARDED by phone calls form an *$$ number and looked it up to see it was credit one Bank which was odd because I had paid my balance at the end of Feb. I log on to my account and noticed it says I am past due with a $12 balance ($6 of which is a late fee). Evidently they charge you interest EVEN if you pay your balance off AND that interest charge is not reflected in your online total until your next billing cycle. I made a purchase at the beginning of Jan for $400, they charged me $6 interest the middle of Jan but did not include it in my online balance until I paid what it said was my entire balance on Feb 22. Consequently they hit me with a late fee on the “unpaid” interest.

Most cards if you pay your balance in full you avoid paying interest. Not only is this NOT the case with these criminals BUT they have practices in place to INTENTIONALLY make it impossible to know what your balance actually is leading to excessive fees. I also found out they DO charge an annual fee the second year on of $99 even though when I signed up it said “no annual fee”. I closed my account immediately, do not apply here unless you are very desperate.



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